CCCG update

The legal challenge is proceeding.

Council have to have all evidence in by 24th October.

We are still encouraging residents to file objections to the installation of Pressure Wastewater systems on their private property, or withdraw any previous consents signed.

We will update you as soon as we have more updated knowledge. below is the letter of objection if you wish to file a formal objection to the council about the installation on your property.

Letter of objection

Food for thought
With the latest storm that has just past it was a timely reminder on one of the many possible situations with this system. With 1000 homes losing power for more than 24 hours and the tanks needing power to work they would not of functioned. The tanks will only hold 18-24 hours of waste so we are told. There is no way explained so far by the council that they would be able to service 1000 homes in this very situation that happened. Let alone the 6000 units they are intending to install. It is critical that you voice your concerns if you have them. But then again surely we will never get another snow storm or wind storm in the city such as we have experienced in the last 3 years. Surely not.


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“..concerned about issues that affect all of Christchurch following the earthquakes..”


Following the decision, what next?

Hello again everyone, After the successful outcome in court last week during which the judge ordered the council to go back to the beginning and consult with the ratepayers as well as have another look at the decision. The ChCh Concerned Citizens group has as of yesterday filed proceedings which cover all zones of Parklands. The proceedings will be served on the Council when the Court has provided us with a hearing date with the first call.

In our view, the Council was placed on notice about the legality of the decision making process regarding the installation of the pressurised system for all parts of Christchurch (at the very least) when the proceedings in Bailey v CCC were filed.

Despite those proceedings being filed and the grounds relied on, the Council chose not to halt the installation of the pressurised system in the PS8 catchment or any other affected areas in Christchurch. Work on zone 2 in Parklands was subsequently placed on hold but only as a result of interim relief orders being made in the High Court (albeit by consent), preventing the Council from commencing work in that zone.

The Christchurch Concerned Citizens Group (CCCG) is to commence proceedings on grounds similar to that as advanced in the Bailey v CCC proceeding. As you likely be aware the CCCG has a number of members who own properties in various areas of Christchurch in which the Council intends to install a new pressurised wastewater system. This includes all zones of Parklands.

Based on the judgment of Whata J, it would appear that there is a strong likelihood that the Council will, at the very least, be required to re-consider its decision to install a pressurised wastewater system once the proceedings for the CCCG have been heard.

Even in the absence of further proceedings being filed, given the outcome in the Bailey v CCC proceedings, we would expect that the Council will halt all work (whether on Council or private land) until the Council has complied with its decision making obligations. This viewpoint has been made clear to the council.

Any evidence to confirm the Council are still undertaking work is helpful. As well as pictures etc, noting the days, times, area is also important (or could be important) for later on. Please forward these on to us if you see any work being undertaken.

As always we urge you to talk to your neighbours and spread the word. The more numbers we have openly stating their opposition, the more the council will need to take notice.It is always surprising to people when we talk to them what the council is actually trying to do here.

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“..concerned about issues that affect all of Christchurch following the earthquakes..”

The Judge has ruled against the Council’s conduct

The result is in from the court review of the councils decision and forced imposing of the pressure waste water system on residents. David vs Goliath and David has won the first round. I suspect there will be more. In a nutshell, the judge said that if the Council wants to use the pressure waste water system they have to start from the very beginning again and fully consult with affected residents taking into consideration all factors including technical. This obviously causes the Council a lot of grief to the point that they may (may) even go back to gravity. He said that he believe’s that the Council will stop all work but that if they don’t they will go back to the judge and ask that he advise that they should stop. Full decision attached. Onwards we go, we hope that following this ruling the council will take a step back and fully consider all the issues with the system and what installation means for affected residents, coming to the conclusion that a mechanical solution to waste removal is not better than the natural one we have used for thousands of years with success.

Bailey v Christchurch City Council – Full Decision

SCIRT contractors breach private property

We have managed to get an article highlighting the privacy concerns with SCIRT contractors and their installations of the Waste Water system.

You can view the full article here:

6 reasons to be concerned about the Pressure Waste Water System

Below are just 6 of many reasons people should be concerned about the Pressure Waste Water system.
 Things like:

(1) Ever increasing costs of maintenance, which will be handed over to the homeowner.

(2)Sewage on your lawn and/or in your house following pump failure.

(3) Tank alarms screaming in the night following even a short power outage.

(4) Your neighbour’s tank stinking over summer while they are away on holiday, and/or their alarm screaming.

(5) Having to use the chemical toilets (That were not used during the earthquakes) because the power is out, or your pump has broken down, and there are no replacements in New Zealand till next month.

(6) The very real possibility that there are people within council who stand to profit nicely from these tanks being installed. Why do you think they are pushing so hard to install them in areas that clearly do not need them?

There are many more reasons to be concerned. These may sound a little alarmist, but based upon the research we have done around the world these reasons are very real regardless of what SCIRT or CCC say. Don’t forget they have admitted they did not do any international research before making this decision. (from the Meeting with the Mayor).
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